Made In Chelsea End Of Year Party.

Chelsea Embankment

Made In Chelsea End Of Year Party

In my previous blog post I wrote a quick update on mobile phone stating that I was on my way to London as I had won a ticket to the Made In Chelsea End Of Season 4 Party.

The coach journey was actually very pleasant, I was travelling from Ipswich as I had been visiting my fiancé's parents for the week. My fiancé and I arrived at London Victoria coach station at around 11am after our three hour journey. Fortunately, London Victoria Coach station is a short walk from The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and postcode SW3. To begin with we both walked along the Chelsea Embankment and enjoyed the incredible views of London and Chelsea, alongside the low flying airplanes. 

Low Flying Plane
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea Embankment
Chelsea Court
Chelsea Court
Embankment Gardens

Chelsea Embankment

Those were a few photos of the sights you should expect to see whilst walking along the Chelsea Embankment. The Chelsea Embankment is often shown in shots of episodes of Made in Chelsea. The Chelsea Embankment was a wonderful walk, I noticed many people jogging down the embankment as well so this appears a popular location in The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

After walking across the Chelsea Embankment my fiancé and myself decided to find our hotel to drop off our belongings and search for the location of the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party. It was fascinating to see that perhaps not all of The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea was as glamorous as it appeared on Made In Chelsea. The area felt safe however, I do respect how talented the shots are for episodes of Made In Chelsea to manipulate the way Chelsea appears. I will show photos of surprising and fascinating aspects of Chelsea in my next blog post as it is separate from the topic of the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party.

Sara Hotel

Sara Hotel
Sara Hotel Chelsea London

As the Made In Chelsea party wasn't estimated to finish until 11pm, I did worry my fiancé and I would be pushed for time to travel back to Ipswich so we booked a room at the Sara Hotel in Chelsea. To my amazement, this last minute booking of the Sara Hotel in Chelsea came to £40 for one night. Yes, it sounds like a lot of money but believe me, regarding hotels in London, in particular hotels in Chelsea, this felt incredibly cheap.

Unfortunately after booking I had read some terrifying reviews online and had prepared myself for a night similar to that in The Shining or Psycho. Luckily, this was not the case. I thought I'd write a brief review of my experience in the Sara Hotel in Chelsea in case any future visitors of Chelsea or attendees to the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party would know this well located hotel could be a possibility.

Don't expect a luxury hotel!

I think this was the largest problem regarding the reviews. I presume several people may not have been aware that to get a hotel this cheap in such a practical location of Chelsea, down a safe road and about a forty minute walk from London Victoria station would probably not be such a luxurious place to stay. However, it honestly isn't all that bad either.

Compare it to student housing, I'd say. It isn't newly furnished or newly decorated by any means but the rooms do have the following things:

  • A door that locks
  • An en suite shower, toilet and sink (This is quite small)
  • A double bed
  • 3 bedside tables
  • 1 cupboard
  • Flat Screen TV - Can't remember whether this was Freeview or Cable etc but I was just amazed to have a TV in my room.
  • Provided with towels and soaps. (No shampoo, conditioner or shower gel)
The room could get quite cold at night, but take an extra blanket or two and you should be fine.

The room was secure! Which was the main thing I wanted. I felt safe.
Alongside this, you do have breakfast included. I believe on the website it states a full English breakfast, again I believe affecting the reviews. There was no 'Full English Breakfast' which I wasn't expecting anyway because of the reviews, however you weren't starved to death and forced to eat pigeons.

Breakfast included:

  • Sainsbury's Yoghurts (A variety of flavours)
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Cups of milk
  • Cornflakes
  • Wheetabix
  • Toast
  • Jam, Marmalade, Butter and I believe another spread which I can't remember.
It might not be the ideal breakfast but it certainly satisfied my hunger in the morning and kept me full for the journey back to Ipswich.

What I Wore To The Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party. Lucy Watson's Miss Selfridge Petite Nude Dress.

As this is usually a petite fashion blog, I thought I'd do a quick mention of what I wore to this Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party. The photos aren't the best, I am hoping to do a proper photo shoot for this Miss Selfridge Dress spotted on Lucy Watson in an episode of Made In Chelsea soon!

Lucy Watson Pink Dress 
Miss Selfridge Petite Nude Dress 
Miss Selfridge Petite Nude Dress

The last photograph was taken in the Sara Hotel Room. This gives you an indication of what to expect there as well.

Apologies for the quality of the photos and how I look ha! As I say, a photo shoot for this dress is on its way! I purchased this dress from the Miss Selfridge Petite section in a UK size 6. This dress was spotted on Lucy Watson in an episode of Made In Chelsea where Jamie first meets Lucy.

Made In Chelsea End Of Year Party

Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party 
Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party 
Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party 
Made In Chelsea Francis

I cannot stress enough how worth it this trip to London for the Made In Chelsea End Of Season Party was. Yes we might have had to queue for two hours in the freezing cold but I got to speak to a few of the cast members and get a photo with Francis from Made In Chelsea!

I felt somewhat out of place in this queue I guess. Most of the girls in the queue were tall, tanned and had long flowing brown hair. They had made much more of an effort with their make up and hair than I had. They were also a lot more confident than myself. The screamed as Andy or Ollie Locke walked past and were able to have conversations with the Made In Chelsea cast whilst I felt too paranoid to speak. Then I saw Francis walk past. Francis is my favourite character on Made In Chelsea because of his geeky side and quirky character. He has intelligence and also seems very sweet. It feels awkward when you see a celebrity you think you would have a lot in common with but worry that you would be odd to start a conversation with them regarding art or monkeys. I called out to him, in my pathetic little shy voice and felt sad as I watched him walk past. So many of the girls in the queue were screaming but I couldn't bring myself to be like that, it felt upsetting that my nerves were getting the better of me. As I went to turn around I heard Francis shout a sorry as he ran over realising he hadn't heard me properly and spoke to me briefly followed by having a photo with me. He said it was nice to meet me then carried on his way. It sounds pathetic but I was squealing and smiling to myself in the queue as I held my camera and stared at the photograph for ages knowing I was lucky enough to have a photo with Francis from Made In Chelsea. He was just as lovely in real life as he was on the show.


Yes that is Sophia from Made In Chelsea stood in front of me but do you notice who else was sat pretty much where I was standing? The mums of Binky, Cheska and Ollie. They were a lovely sociable bunch and very entertaining to be with for the night. Alongside this, my fiancé and I might be seen on TV on the Made In Chelsea End Of Year Party to be shown on New Year's Eve 2012 as the Made In Chelsea mums had a fair bit of screen time. 

I spent quite some time speaking with Cheska's mum. I had already seen her before as she owns a shop in Salcombe called Amelia's Attic. My parents recently bought a second property which is a penthouse in Devon so we are very close to Salcombe. I had encountered Amelia's Attic in the early stages of the Made In Chelsea series and was so surprised when I realised I was purchasing goods in a shop owned by Cheska's mum! She was so friendly and easy to talk to, so if you're ever in Salcombe why not pop into Amelia's Attic and say hello to the lovely woman!

So that was my experience of Made In Chelsea End Of Season party. I'd love to know of anybody else who attended so drop me a comment if you did! Look out for this episode on New Years Eve of 2012, especially look out for clips of the mums, with the short blonde girl (me) poking her head out. Ha!

Enjoy your weekend! Xo

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