L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 3 Dip Dye Hair Kit Blonde to Dark Blonde review.

Blonde Dip Dye

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombres No 3 Dip Dye Hair Kit Blonde to Dark Blonde review.

In a previous beauty blog post, I wrote about a cheap hair dye I purchased by Derma V10 in a Golden Chestnut shade. (You can see the results by clicking here.)

Initially I was wary about which hair dye to use and more importantly, which colour. As good as the cheap hair dye was, the Derma V10 did fade slightly after just a few days. Although this was no bad thing. I love dark brown and blonde hairstyles, so having this cheap hair dye fade from a chestnut brown to a dark blonde or mousey brown offered me a very natural look, which is what I had always wanted regarding hair styles.

I thought...

Unfortunately, I find my skin tone, for some reason doesn't quite suit my natural hair colour. My hair colour also appeared flat, dull and lifeless. Naturally this would send most girls into a state of panic so I was left looking for a new hair colour to experiment with. I was certain I would go brunette but I felt sad at the thought of parting ways with my messy blonde hair and my dyed Foxy Locks hair extensions. As I love dark brown and blonde hair styles, or hair styles similar to that of Mary Kate or others with blonde indie hair, I found myself taking a real interest in dip dye.

L'Oreal Ombre No3

Dip Dyeing Your Hair

So, I'm aware that the dip dye hair styles have been around for a while now. The first time I ever noticed the dip dye hair was on Gabriella Ellis from Made in Chelsea. She's also used a variety of dip dye hair colours

As I was looking for interesting ways to dye hair I decided to approach this celeb dip dye look. I went with L'Oreal Paris Ombre Dip Dye in shade no3 for blonde to dark blonde. I had used L'Oreal hair dye before (Click here!) and was very happy with the results.

The thought of dip dyeing your hair at home by yourself might seem scary, but the L'Oreal dip dye kit is so easy to follow and I honestly enjoyed this more than just doing my average hair dye.

Another bonus I found from using this product is you CAN diy ombre on dyed hair. These dip dye kits lighten your hair for you, so you don't have to worry about seeking out a hair lightener or bleach products before hair colouring.

L'Oreal Dip Dye

Here is a photo of what the L'Oreal Dip Dye kit contains.

As you can see as always, you're provided with gloves and a conditioner (Which works wonders!) whilst also getting a small plastic brush to help you comb the dip dye effect into your hair.

This L'Oreal Dip Dye cost me £6 and included everything you see in the photo! They're also on offer at the moment in Boots stores for 2 for £11 and at Superdrug stores on 2 for £10.

L'Oreal Dip Dye

L'Oreal Dip Dye

This was the result of the dip dye on my hair. I am so thrilled about these cool dip dyes and would definitely recommend these hair styles to anybody looking to try something new!

The blend of dark blonde with an artificial blonde goes so well and will be great for the hipster style.

If you're looking for interesting ways to dye hair, I would try out the L'Oreal Wild Ombres Dip Dye. There are three different types of L'Oreal dip dye dependant on your base hair colour.

Foxy Locks Dip Dye

I also used the dip dye on my Foxy Locks hair extensions and again was amazed how well it worked! I had often read online that you can't lighten hair extensions but I think this just goes to show the high quality of the Foxy Locks hair extensions.

Blonde Dip Dye
Dip Dye
Dip Dye

My black embellished shoulder dress is from Topshop.
My lipstick is MAC Shy Girl.

I hope you have found this beauty blog post helpful! Xo


  1. Even though henna is used primarily as a hair dye colouring, it has some great beneficial 'side effects', including strengthening and thickening of the hair while giving it great sheen and lustre. You have to bear in mind though that the beneficial type of henna is of the pure variety but you have to make sure that before applying it to the hair you need to perform a strand test to determine firstly, that the colour you have chosen is suitable and secondly, how long the henna will take to actually dye your hair that particular colour.

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  2. I'm going to be using loreal dip dye number 3 and I have medium to dark brown hair will it go ginger!?


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