Fall-Winter Make-Up For Pale Skin, using Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Palette. Make-up Tutorial Part 1

A Smoky Make-Up Look for Fall - Winter 2012, Perfect For Pale Skin.
Using Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Eye shadow Palette.

So today I felt like sharing my favourite fall and winter make-up look with you all. I've also had some messages regarding the frustrations of make-up looks for pale skin and conveniently, my skin detests sun light also making me quite excessively pale compared to most. However, this doesn't have to be a negative thing, if you don't want to lose time and money to sunbeds or investing in self tanning products, why not just look into a style that could suit your skin tone

One thing I often find myself realising is that a natural look is very important with pale skin, for a casual day to day look. I've realised natural hair colour is also probably something that best suits pale skin for a casual day time look as this was the complexion your body was born with, so for my fashion and looks, I'm gradually hoping to restore my blonde hair closer to it's natural colour. (But we all fancy playing around with colour once in a while, so there's no harm in experimenting at all!)

As for make-up, I want to stick with earthy colours. More so the darker shades, blacks and browns, perhaps with a hint of orange. We're coming to the end of autumn and the beginnings of winter. For this time of year I notice brown leaves with orange tints, bare trees which are dark and a cloudy skies. (Ignore this if you're from L.A, I'm aware the weather is glorious most of the year out there and when I went to Hollywood for Christmas and New Year once, I remember getting sun burnt!) 
I'm leaving out the green tones for now, I'll save that for spring 2013.

So here I want to show you a smoky eye make-up tutorial, this time in picture form, rather than through a YouTube video. This tutorial will be split into three parts as I will also be reviewing several of the products as I go. 

So here we go. Starting with a plain face. (Apologies for any horror you experience through this photo of me, ha.)

Firstly I have applied a base foundation lightly. This is my Rimmel Lasting Performance Liquid Foundation in Shade 100 Ivory. It costs just £6.99 and although it isn't a perfect match for my skin tone compared to my MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in shade NC15, this foundation is a fantastic bargain and offers a thick coverage unlike many other cheaper foundations I've tried. It might not be an exact match but it is pretty close, it just adds an extra bit of colour to my face I guess, it could be worth testing out in your local Boots or Superdrug to see how this looks on you if you're looking for thick coverage with a glow!

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

This is the eye shadow kit I will be using today. This is the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Eye Contour Kit. This is my favourite eye shadow kit at the moment, however, if you are seeking cheaper alternatives which are still great quality I recommend the MUA Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette

I love this Benefit eye shadow kit as it is compact, easy to carry around with you and very easy to apply through the use of a variety of eye brushes. Behind the paper, which I often leave on there for protection, is a mirror, making this a fantastic eye cosmetic to carry with you on the go.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 1

Take the concealer brush and dab it into the concealer on the far left of the Benefit eye palette.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 2

Lightly dab this around any areas you find foundation often misses or any areas of redness. I most often apply this to my bottom eyelid and in the upper corners of my eyes. This lifts the skin around the eye more and offers a glow to make your eyes stand out.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 3

Take the contour brush. This stick will have a contour brush on one end and a liner brush on the other.  Scoop up some of the base shadow onto the contour brush. This is the second square along the Benefit eye palette in a light nude pink shade.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 4

Apply all over the top eyelid, up to the brow bone. As you can see a lovely glaze of pink shimmer is now covering the eyelid as your base layer.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 5

Again, using the contour brush, dab on some of the contour shadow. This is the third square along on the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette in a bronze shade with a tint of pink and brown shimmer. Try to not get too much onto the brush, just little dabs at a time as we don't want to create too bold an impact on the eyes.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 6

Here you want to go into the crease of your eyelid. If the brown comes out too strong from the first dab from scooping too much off the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette, tap the brush over the contour shadow in the eye palette to avoid wasting any of the shadow powder then lightly brush over what you had already applied following the crease and gradually blending this back in. For a little added drama, I then lightly blend some of the contour shadow in the outer corners of my eyes.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 7

Now you want to use the other end of the stick, with the liner brush. Briefly slide it up and down the liner shadow which is the fourth square along on the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes palette in a dark brown shade.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 8

This is when you can jump with joy if you're terrible with liquid eye liners as I personally find using this liner brush with the liner shadow much easier and just as effective! You want to start in the outer corner of your upper eyelid and gradually work across, slowly thinning in the line as you near the inner corner of your upper eyelid. So basically you want your outer corners of your upper eyelids to have a thicker line which slopes into a thinner line towards the inner corners of your upper eyelids. 

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

Step 9

Once you have complete that, for some added drama I apply a small amount of this liner shadow into the crease of my eyelid again but only for about 1/3 of the upper eyelid from the outer corner inwards.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

So this is what you should expect to see at this stage. 

MAC Kohl Pencil Smolder

Step 10

Next you will want to take a kohl pencil eye liner. I will be using my MAC Kohl Pencil in shade Smolder. This product might feel pricey but you get so much compared to other eye liners so this lasts a long time! I also find it very easy to apply, the pencil is not harsh on my lids unlike other eye liners I have used. I also find this doesn't wear out for a long time, if I apply eye liner in the morning using this, it usually remains in the evening. 

MAC Kohl Pencil Smolder

Step 11

You want to apply this eye liner to the circumference of your eye. To get an even amount on both my top and bottom eyelids I tend to find the easiest method is to close my eye and gently insert the eye pencil between the lids and slide it from left to right a couple of times. I also find this avoids any fall offs into my eyes and avoids irritation.

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes

This is more what you should expect to have at this stage. If you look back to the first image now, you should immediately notice a drastic change to my eyes. I feel fortunate as I have green eyes, the brown shades seem to compliment this very well. If you have blue eyes it is often recommended to go for more orange tints and for brown eyes, it could be good to add a bit of yellow, however, I think the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes contour kit would suit any eye colour as it is so neutral!

Now we need to finish off the eyes with mascara.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Step 12

Next I'll be using my Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. (Shock horror! The first tutorial where I am not using my Maybelline The Colossal Volume Mascara!) I really like this Max Factor mascara as my eyelashes do not clump together, it applies a really thin amount of mascara to my lashes but also extends the eyelash tips at the same time. A great way to pull off the false eyelashes look without losing more time!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Step 13

You just want to go ahead and apply this to your top and bottom eyelashes. It shouldn't take long to notice the incredible effect this will have on your smoky eye look.

So that's it for part one! The next part will be moving onto the eyebrows, as I've recently found an amazing brow liner product that cost only £1!

For part 2 click here!

I hope you have found this part of my tutorial helpful so far.

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