Cheap Clothing Primark Alternative To Louise Thompson's Khaki Zara Jacket with Leather Sleeves from Made In Chelsea

Louise Thompson Zara Jacket

Made In Chelsea - Louise Thompson's Zara Khaki Jacket with Leather Sleeves. A Cheap Clothing Alternative From Primark.

Thank goodness for cheap clothing stores like Primark!
Who else here watched the end to Series 3 of Made In Chelsea and fell in love with Louise Thompson's Khaki Jacket with Leather Sleeves? I did!

Initially, I thought this was the Topshop Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket still available to purchase at Topshop online. I later came to realise this khaki jacket with leather sleeves was from Zara. As Louise Thompson is also of a short height, I often seek out her fashion as I hope her clothing would also fit my petite figure well. Naturally, this gorgeous coat had sold out on Zara online and was selling on Ebay UK for very unaffordable prices. 

So we're aware other shops are producing replicate khaki jackets with leather sleeves but some of you might be thinking, where can I get a leather jacket like this?

Louise Thompson Zara Jacket

When on the search in Primark stores for cheap clothing for Halloween 2012 I passed two replicas of Louise Thompson's Zara jacket.

One jacket was a much closer imitation as the khaki section of the coat was made of cotton followed by faux leather black sleeves. However, my issues with this khaki jacket were firstly that the material for the coat appeared very thin and not waterproof, there were gold buttons added to the jacket which actually made this jacket appear tacky. Finally there wasn't a hood and seeing as I'd be purchasing the jacket for the winter season of 2012 and with England raining most of the time, I knew that a hood would be a necessity.

khaki jacket faux leather sleeves

Fortunately, I came across a second replica Zara jacket like the one Louise Thompson wore in Series 3 of Made In Chelsea. This is the one in the pictures. Now, when comparing to the Zara jacket spotted on Louise Thompson, there are obvious differences. The hood being the main one, followed by the material. I loved this Primark khaki jacket with faux leather sleeves as it had the perfect balance of fashion and practicality. The hood really does shelter your hair from everything! Meaning you never have to worry about all of that effort with your hairdressing going to waste.

khaki jacket faux leather sleeves

Also bear in mind my height is around 4ft 11, so this jacket is also the perfect length for petites!
I purchased this in a UK size 6, it is slightly too big for me still and even in the smallest size the sleeves are still slightly too long. However, for the price I paid I'm completely satisfied with this jacket and think this is a great way to recreate the Made In Chelsea fashion.

khaki jacket faux leather sleeves

As for the full outfit:

Khaki Jacket with Faux Leather Sleeves - Primark
Blue Lace Top - Topshop
Wet Look Leggings - Topshop
Burgundy Socks - Topshop
Brown Suede Shoes - Dune
Hair Extensions - Foxy Locks

khaki jacket faux leather sleeves

So now to all make you jump with glee, this gorgeous look alike to Louise Thompson's Zara jacket is only £25! This jacket is beautifully warm as well, perfect for the rainy and windy days fast approaching in the winter season.

khaki jacket faux leather sleeves

I've looked around many clothing stores for cheap clothing alternatives to the original Zara jacket spotted in Made In Chelsea, you can find similar replicas in most shops, Primark, Topshop, Debenhams, House Of Fraser and I think even in New Look. However, only Primark offered one with a hood and waterproof material. 

If you're after something more practical to wear this winter, I suggest you all hurry to Primark as I imagine this item will sell out in a heart beat!


  1. I love Primark!! Too bad we don't have it here! :( We do have one in Holland and I will buy the whole bloody store when I'm there ;) hahaha!! I love that jacket!!

  2. I have been trying to comment on your posts for a while now and this is the first time I've been able to. Don't know what was wrong but I'll try to make it count.

    First, I love that jacket! I don't think I've seen anything like it in any discounts stores in the states, but I will definitely start looking now.

    Second, I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award over on my blog The Fashionable Gamer. :)

    1. I'm so sorry you've had problems! I've had a few other people mention the same thing and I don't really understand why! :( I'm glad you were able to comment eventually though, I might contact Blogger about this if it keeps happening! And thank you so much!! I really love the concept of your blog as well! Have been enjoying it! :)

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  4. Firstly - I love your blog! Such a good read :) and secondly that jacket looks gorgeous! Doesn't even look like a cheap alternative and is something that I wouldnt have even noticed on the primark rack until now! Amazing and such a bargain :)


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